Canada’s oil sands are a powerful source of Canadian energy. Moving us. Creating jobs. Helping pay for public services. Energy from the oil sands happens because of human energy and innovation – and that’s worth sharing.

Experience an exclusive Virtual Reality (VR) tour of Canada’s oil sands, including unprecedented access to surface mines, upgrading plants, and reclaimed lands. For the first time ever, anyone can experience a full tour of an oil sands operation. In addition to live action spaces like the upgrading plant or a ride in a huge truck used in oil sands mining, this one-of-a-kind experience also incorporates animated representations such as the formation of the oil sands, and the molecular structure of bitumen.

This application was built in partnership with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Canadian oil sands companies. It has been showcased across the country and beyond Canadian borders at the United Nations Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany. This VR uses Samsung Gear VR and customized branded Google cardboard headsets with a user-friendly custom app for IOS and Android developed by MAMMOTH VR.