1200-roommates title

When the Calgary Drop-In Centre was referred to us late in the fall of 2016, they were exploring how to use virtual reality to inspire empathy for the people they serve – the homeless.

Their communications team played us an audio clip of a spoken-word performance by one of their front-line staff. We were instantly moved and this became the focal point of our project. From there, everything pointed to an animated piece and the next key creative came to the table as we partnered with local artist Mandy Stobo of “Bad Portrait” fame. We started production on the day that the program Quill by Oculus was released. Working with us to craft a meaningful message and story, Stobo spent hours at a time illustrating in virtual reality using Quill and exploring this new form of expression. When all was said and done, we collectively delivered the one of a kind VR experience, “1200 Roommates,” along with a user-friendly app for IOS and android, and 50 custom-designed Google Cardboard headsets for the Calgary Drop-In to promote their new empathy-inspiring asset.